Using the AC Sealcoaing Process and Standards, we properly Estimate, Schedule, Plan, Repair Imperfections, Prepare your Driveway Surface and Apply Professional Quality Sealcoating. We are Efficient, We are Effective and We are Competitive and Thrive on Quality Work and Customer Loyalty. Get the job done right… Call AC Sealcoating Today!

"There are several things we are on the lookout for in maintaining our client’s asphalt driveways properly -- a primary issue is ice damage… Water permeates any asphalt cracks and then when this moisture freezes in the winter months, it expands the cracks and damages the pavement progressively wider and deeper into the asphalt. When unattended to, water gets below the pavement and freezes and lifts the pavement destroying sections resulting in expensive damage that could have been avoided. Water should not permeate even small cracks in freezing conditions, when the driveway is sealed properly water damage due to freezing is prevented. Our inspection and quality maintenance programs can prevent damage via cost effective maintenance. It is cost effective to have an AC Sealcoating inspect your driveway each year, repair the new, often very small cracks that form naturally year-to-year and sealcoat annually to avoid unsightly damage and costly repairs and to retain the beauty and quality of your home and landscape economically."

Mr. Chris Febo, Owner/Manager

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